TrailPath Workplace Solutions (TWS)

  A workplace and people development company leveraging      modernized methods and technologies to build Meaningful Employment Environments™ (MEE).

A Workforce in Crisis

Demographic and societal shifts have fundamentally changed workforce dynamics.

9.5 Million

9.5 M

Labor Shortage

Today, there are 9.5 million jobs and only 6.5 million available workers.


Workforce Dynamics

Today, 45% of the workforce is either declining or surviving.


Aging Workforce

By 2030, 35% of Americans will be at retirement age or older.


Annual Turnover

In the US, there is an annual turnover rate of 47%.


A woman dressed in safety gear cleaning a window with a large sponge.


A man holding a clipboard inspecting contents in a warehouse.

Meaningful Work

Close-up of a man use a grinder to sharpen a large drill bit.
Three window washers suspended on the side of a high rise building.
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