The foundation of every organization is its people

We build Meaningful Employment Environments (MEE) that help organizations and people thrive.

Demographic and societal shifts have fundamentally changed workforce dynamics.

A Workforce In Crisis

9.5 Million

9.5 M

Labor Shortage

Today, there are 9.5 million jobs and only 6.5 million available workers.


Today, 45% of the workforce is either declining or surviving.

72 Million

Aging Workforce

By 2030, 72 Million people will be at retirement age or older.


Annual Turnover

In the US, there is an annual turnover rate of 47%.

A man stands at the tip of a mountain looking down the work below.

TrailPath Workplace Solutions (TWS)

We provide a disciplined learning framework, business management system and defined pathways for the advancement of organizations, leaders, and team members.

A snowy mountain top.

The MEE™ Framework

The Journey

Basecamp 2
Meeting Fundamental Needs
Basecamp 1
Building Trust
The Climb
Elevating the Environment
The Summit
Uniting Around The Work

The Need for Dignity In The Workplace


20% of people do not believe they are treated with dignity at work.


34% of people believe their organizations do not make decisions with their best interest in mind.  

Two women working at an assembly line inspecting greens.

Our Core Principles

MEE™ is a commitment to providing people with dignity, trust and meaningful work. Partner with us to build a path for growth, where people and organizations thrive.


A woman dressed in safety gear cleaning a window with a large sponge.


A man holding a clipboard inspecting contents in a warehouse.

Meaningful Work

Close-up of a man use a grinder to sharpen a large drill bit.
Three window washers suspended on the side of a high rise building.
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